World newsWatch: Full video of couple at Teleferico Guayaquil is going viral on...

Watch: Full video of couple at Teleferico Guayaquil is going viral on social media

Consider the viral news that is catching people’s attention. At this time everyone is surprised and sharing their thoughts. Which is currently spreading like a spark on social media platforms Yes, a video of a couple doing intimate activities in a cable car has gone viral. Yes, this video is going viral on the internet and is catching people’s attention.

Yes, there was a surveillance camera in the car. Such video news is circulating on the internet. People are using search engines to get comprehensive news information. What happened? What exactly is the problem? And we will try to cover from every aspect of this news. Let’s know about it

Pareja En Teleferico Guayaquil Video

According to the report, the entire incident was captured by a camera installed in the cable car, which documented the young couple’s inappropriate behavior. This video is inappropriate for minors. This video has garnered social media users’ attention. A video of an Ecuadorian couple engaging in an intimate activity on a cable car in the city of Guayaquil went viral.

According to the report, this incident occurred on June 24, when a group of young people took advantage of the lack of passengers in the vehicle to indulge their passions. However, they were unaware until after the meeting that they were being recorded by a security camera embedded in the cable car. This video’s release has generated significant controversy on social media platforms.

In addition, the consortium announced in the statement that the individual responsible for the widely distributed video has been relieved of his duties as a result of his actions. The behavior of the couple is unacceptable. At this time everyone is very sad and also surprised.

People criticize him for his behaviour. Children should not watch this video as it is unhealthy. This article contains all the information about the program which we have collected from other sources to reach the readers. If we get any information related to this news, we will update it here.

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