Latest NewsUltra-processed foods will become addictive like alcohol, you will be surprised

Ultra-processed foods will become addictive like alcohol, you will be surprised

Ultra-processed foods will become addictive like alcohol The allure of that bag of chips may not be entirely your fault; According to the study, the problem may be due to junk food only. According to experts, ultra-processed foods (UPFs) can be as addictive as nicotine, cocaine or heroin, with one in every ten people succumbing to their allure.

This is included in UPF

A thorough review of 281 research studies from 36 different countries indicates that an alarming 14% of adults are addicted to UPF. Ultra-processed foods will become addictive like alcohol This finding is particularly troubling because UPF, which includes sausages, ice cream, biscuits, fizzy beverages and sugary cereals, have been linked to cognitive decline, cancer, psychological distress and even early death.

Ashley Gearhart, a professor at the University of Michigan, is no stranger to the concept of food addiction. Ultra-processed foods will become addictive like alcohol She was a driving force behind the creation of the Yale Food Addiction Scale, a tool that employs the same criteria used to identify chemical addiction. This includes uncontrolled and excessive consumption, cravings, and continued consumption despite the potential for negative health consequences.

Discovered in research

According to the study, which was published in BMJ, the combination of refined carbs and fat typically found in UPF has a greater than additive effect on the brain’s reward circuits. This may increase the chances of becoming addicted to such food. Ultra-processed foods will become addictive like alcohol Scientists are still trying to find out why this is happening. According to one idea, it may not be a single element that attracts us, but a combination of ingredients found in these foods.

Unlike UPF, naturally derived foods often contain either carbohydrates or fats, but not both. For example, an apple contains 55 kcal of carbohydrates and less than 2 kcal of fat, while a chocolate bar contains 237 kcal of carbohydrates and 266 kcal of fat.

Such food affects the brain and leads to bad behavior

Previous research has found that when sugary or fatty foods are eaten, cravings for healthy food choices are reduced. This change in brain circuitry can result in health problems such as overeating and weight gain. Consumption of ultra-processed food can also cause a spike in dopamine followed by a sharp drop, mirroring the cycle of craving, gratification, and crashes experienced by substance abusers.

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Although food additives are “not likely to be addictive in themselves,” Gearhart’s team believes they may increase the caloric effect. Ultra-processed foods will become addictive like alcohol However, not everyone is susceptible to the addictive properties of highly processed food. Some people may be satisfied with a few chips, while others may find it difficult to give them up.

“Addictive products are not addictive for everyone,” said Chris Van Tulken, one of the study’s authors. Many people can use alcohol, cigarettes, or even cocaine without developing an unhealthy relationship.

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Scientists are becoming worried about health

The addictive nature of UPF has concerned health-conscious scientists, who believe that “tobacco-style” warnings should be placed on some foods. After all, UPFs are ubiquitous in our diets. Van Tulken compared leaving the UPF to quitting smoking in the 1960s.

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