TechnologyThe Ultimate Guide to Using Google Trends for Market Research?

The Ultimate Guide to Using Google Trends for Market Research?

Ultimate Guide to Using Google Trends

No matter the business type or size, market research is essential. This is especially important for eCommerce stores and online businesses, as comprehending consumer behavior on the web can be difficult. Nonetheless, by utilizing the appropriate instruments, businesses can discover the following:

  • What individuals are searching for
  • What’s trending on search
  • Where do your target consumers spend the majority of their time
  • Consumer search patterns

Google Trends is a potent instrument that provides valuable insights based on Google search data in real time. Ultimate Guide to Using Google Trends is not your average SEO tool; it allows you to identify seasonal trends that influence your niche’s demand for products and services. It is also useful for outsmarting your competitors by monitoring their positions and strategies.

What is Google Trends, then?

Google Trends is a search trend monitoring utility that monitors the frequency of a search term and the website’s total search volume over a specified period. Utilizing this information, businesses can conduct keyword research and identify seasonal keyword search volume trends.

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It provides essential keyword-related data, such as the search volume index and the geographic location of search engine users. It is extremely effective for locating a new niche market. Track the trends of the past few years and keywords associated with this niche.

How to Use Google Trends for the Year 2023?

Here are five ways Google Trends can enhance your online marketing efforts:

Identify Trending Subjects in Your Niche or Industry

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Google Trends is one of the most effective search tools for identifying prevalent trends and topics in your industry or niche. This may help you understand what your target audiences are seeking and how to optimize your marketing campaign by catering to the industry’s drivers. Here is an example of how to identify prominent search terms, trends, and topics in your industry:

From the upper left corner of the page, select the “Explore” option.

Now add a search term associated with your niche or industry and select the Region you wish to investigate.

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Next, select the Time Range for your research. For more recent search queries and subjects, choose a reduced time frame.

Choose the appropriate category according to your industry.

Explore various search queries and related topics associated with the search term. The Rising category may display several unrelated items, but these indicate what people are browsing for in addition to the provided search term. You can alter it to the Top category to discover relevant subject suggestions and search terms.

You can focus your content marketing strategy on these topics and related search terms.

Utilise Google Trends for Keyword Analysis

Several keyword research tools only report the monthly search volume of a keyword. You must comb through the data month-by-month to determine whether a topic or search term is prevalent. So, how can Google Trends be utilized for keyword research? Google Trends offers directional data that can be combined with monthly search volume to obtain more precise keyword research data.

When monitoring keyword trends, you can use the Google Trends report to discover related search terms currently trending. You can add these to your keyword list. Sort the Related queries by Top queries to discover alternative search terms.

Utilise Google Trends to Conduct Market Research

Are you contemplating introducing your product or service to a new market? Or you may wish to try the market before introducing a new product or service.

Utilise Google Trends to conduct market research.

Using this potent tool, you can determine how location and seasonality may impact your product or service.

Suppose you introduce electric cars and wish to evaluate the market before launching. Google Trends allows you to determine the “interest” in electric vehicles by period, Region, or subregion. For instance, you wish to launch automobiles in specific regions of the United States, such as California, Arizona, Washington, etc.

google trends worldwide enables you to investigate market interest and trends over a specified time frame and gain valuable insights. You can use this information to determine whether the market for electric cars is profitable for your company.

Competitor Analysis

Analyzing the competition is an integral part of your market research campaign. Google Trends can facilitate this process and provide detailed data. For instance, you can determine which prominent search terms or topics areas your competitors are utilizing to rank on Google.

Consider that you are an electronics manufacturer, and Samsung is your most formidable competitor. This lets you identify Samsung-related market trends, interests, topics, and search terms. This will give you an idea of the marketing strategies they may be employing and the search terms for which they are ranking.

It also enables you to monitor seasonal trends for your competitors so that you can determine if they use the same offers year after year. When organizing promotional or advertising campaigns, it can be extremely beneficial to identify these patterns and trends among competitors.

Explore Similar Product Categories

Suppose you own a boutique that specializes in hair extensions. You can expand your business into other verticals after gaining a solid footing in this industry. Therefore, you must identify comparable product categories that appeal to your target audiences—wondering how to conduct a product investigation with Google Trends?

Enter “hair extensions” in the Google Trends box labeled “Enter a search term or topic.” You may come up with related topics or search terms, such as eyelash extensions, eye shadows, hair straighteners, manicures, etc., based on the current fashion trends.

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Although these topics may not be explicitly related to your niche, they make sense as potential product categories for your industry. Individuals who use or seek hair extensions may also be interested in hair straighteners, manicure products, and eyelash extensions. Consequently, you can strategically plan your product investigation using the data from Google Trends.


Google Trends is a valuable instrument that can provide excellent insights for search marketing. Using this data can aid in identifying market trends and consumer behavior, as well as optimizing content and marketing strategies for increased website traffic and improved conversions. To learn how to use Google Trends in 2023, consult a specialized digital marketing agency that can leverage these insights to create effective marketing campaigns.

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