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Space: After leaving our Earth, how is the life of astronauts in their spacecraft, know the amazing facts

Space: After leaving our Earth, how is the life of astronauts in their spacecraft Hello friends, as you keep hearing the things related to space rocket every day, recently Chandrayaan 3 was launched which was a big success for India, before this Chandrayaan 2 was also launched. But due to lack of proper landing on the lunar surface, that mission failed, which was truly a big blow for India, but our Indian scientists, who never accept defeat,

once again launched Chandrayaan 3 from ISRO, which It was completely successful. A question must have arisen in the minds of all of you that has any human being reached the moon yet? Today we will know who has reached the moon till now.

What happened when a human stepped on the lunar surface for the first time?

After the great success of Chandrayaan 3, there is only one question in every person’s mind that who has set foot on the lunar surface till now? All of you must have heard the name of Neil Armstrong in your childhood. He was born on 20 July 1969. The date was not just a number but was a new ray of sunshine for America which created history in America. On this date, the Apollo-11 mission had brought great success to America.

It was on this date that Apollo-11 mission brought astronaut Neil Arm Strong from the Earth. Had traveled to the moon and after the successful landing on the moon, Neil Armstrong took his first step on the moon. That first step was not just a step but a big leap for the world. 19 minutes after Armstrong, his partner Edward Buzz Aldrin took his first step on the moon. Stepped on the moon and became the greatest human being to step on the moon

Did Rakesh Sharma, the first Indian to reach space, go to the moon?

There are many questions in the minds of people regarding Chandrayaan 3, like has any Indian person reached the moon till now? Rakesh Sharma’s name is also added to these questions whether he had gone to the moon. Rakesh Sharma was an Indian astronaut who was He did not step on the planet or satellite, but he went to space.

He did observations while staying in the spacecraft, hence he is known as India’s first astronaut. He was born on 13 January 1929 in Patiala, Punjab. On 3 April He became the first Indian to reach space in 1984. He was a capable Air Force pilot. He made India proud by spending 7 days, 21 hours and 40 minutes in space and showed a new direction which became an inspiration for the people.
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How did they survive in the spaceship?

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Be it doing research in a research station in space millions of kilometers away from the Earth or stepping on the moon, for which one has to face every challenge and problem, the space vehicle is made in such a way that every problem of the astronauts is solved. There should be a solution to the problem, they have to face many difficulties.

There is no gravity in the spaceship, due to which all the things remain floating in the air. To sleep, they are given a special type of bag in which they sleep after closing themselves and do not eat. A different type of food is prepared for them to drink, which they fill their stomachs by eating. Napkins are provided for toilet and bathroom and water is also arranged for them.

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