EducationKnow these things till the age of 21, otherwise you will regret...

Know these things till the age of 21, otherwise you will regret for whole life

To be successful in today’s society, you must know this truth of the society before the age of 21, otherwise you will regret.

1. You need to start

Because this is your one and only life, you shouldn’t keep putting off accomplishing the things that are important to you. You should only live your life for yourself and not for anyone else.

2. Your enviorment is cuirical

Regardless of how disciplane or motivated you are. You will never accomplish anything if you are surrounded by the incorrect environment.

3. Be ready to pivot

Even the most meticulously crafted plans can be derailed by the unpredictability of real life. When pursuing your goals, be flexible and willing to adjust your strategy in response to feedback.

4. Books are Mentral masturbation

I Love reading, I Love learning.But spending too much time reading and not enough time doing things is analogous to binge-watching videos on YouTube. Read, apply, repeat

5. You need to be selfish

It is impossible to pour from a cup that is empty. Therefore, it is better to put your own needs first and fill your own cup before attempting to help other people.

6. The gym is prepraation

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Your mind constantly begs you to give up while you’re working out at the gym. You may prepare your mind and spirit for life’s challenges by refusing to give up.

7. You can’t stoip learning

The moment you stop learning, you stop progressing. Acquire new knowledge, learn new skills, apily, progress, repeat.

8. Not everyone want you to win

Learn to distinguish between people who genuinely want the best for you and those who don’t, and distance yourself from the latter group.

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