MotivationalKnow the 6 disgusting truths of today's people, you will stop being...

Know the 6 disgusting truths of today’s people, you will stop being good

Stay away from such people in today’s society because they will not respect you at all, these are the 6 reasons

1. You’ll be taken for granted

  • People will begin to take you for granted if you are always nice and accommodating.
  • They’ll come to expect you to always be there for them, and they won’t appreciate you as much as they should.

2. In the end, you’ll just be exploited and abused

  • People are more likely to take advantage of you if you have a reputation for being overly polite.
  • They may being to expect favors beyond what a normal friend would expect, or they may being to expect you to always bo available to them.

3. You are destined to take on the role of giver

  • If you’re always be the one who gives and never the one who receives.
  • This can causes resentment and make you feel as if you’re being taken advantage of.

4. You’ll miss out on opportunities

  • When you are overly kind and always willing to say yes, you run the risk of missing out on opportunities that could have been very beneficial to you. Saying yes to everything also increases the likelihood of this happening.
  • You must learn to say NO from time to time in ieder to focus on the things that are truly important to you.

5. You’ll never be respected

  • People will begin to percieve you as a pushover if you are always the nice guy.
  • They will not respect your opinion and will begin to walk all over you.

6. You’ll get burned in the end

  • People will bwgin to take advantage of your good nature
    if you are always the nice one.
  • They can start requesting favors that are too much for you to handle or they might start making time demands that you are unable to meet.

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