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Jawan breaks Salaar’s record by getting maximum number of likes on YouTube in short time

When the trailer for the film Jawan was released, it generated a tidal wave of views on YouTube. Yes, the trailer for the upcoming film Jawan, starring Bollywood’s monarch Shah Rukh Khan, has been released, and it has received a positive response from the public. Upon viewing it, the trailer for Jawan has already become a box office smash.

And based on the response to the Jawan trailer, the general public predicts that this film will entirely surpass the box office earnings of Shahrukh Khan Khan’s Pathan. The trailer assures us that this film will be a box office smash, and as we all know, Shah Rukh Khan believes in shattering box office records whenever he appears on the scene.

Image: Jawan

Yes, whether his films released in theaters broke box office records or the teaser trailer of his film released on YouTube broke records of likes and reviews, now when the teaser of Jawan is released i.e. the trailer of Jawan is released, then Jawan Trailer Has also put a flurry of likes views on YouTube and Jawan’s trailer was released only a few hours ago and within a few hours a lot of likes are pouring in on Jawan’s trailer.

If we talk about how many likes were received on the trailer of Jawan, then in 10 minutes, Jawan trailer got 1 lakh likes, while it took 26 minutes to get 2 lakh likes, then it took 49 minutes to get 3 lakh likes. , while 4 lakh likes in 1 hour 21 minutes, 5 lakh likes in 2 hours 1 minute, 6 lakh likes in 2 hours 48 minutes, same 7 lakh likes in 3 hours 44 minutes and 8 lakh likes for this trailer in 4 hours 50 minutes have met.

On the other hand, 9 lakh likes in 6 hours 15 minutes, that is, if you look around, here the trailer of Jawan has got a bumper response and it is expected that it will take at most seven or 8 days to get one million likes, that is, 10 lakh likes. If it takes hours, the trailer of Jawan is breaking records on YouTube, now let’s see that when Jawan movie will be released in theaters on 7th September, what will this movie do at the box office, how did you like the trailer of Jawan, superhit or super?

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